5 Steps To Take Back The Fun In Your Etsy Business

5 Steps To Take Back The Fun In Your Etsy Business

1. Make Time To Create Again!

We all get so wrapped up in the accounting and service tasks that we forget why we started our business....because we loved creating the products and the company. Take back your creative time. It is the best part of your business. Block out at lease 4 hours per week to just create new ideas or products. Dream and imagine a little. The best inventions come from dreamers.



2. Try Something New

Sink your teeth into something new. Start something that will add to what you already have going. Maybe it is something you've been thinking of adding, but feel like you need to spend too much time on what you already have going. The excitement of a new idea is like fuel for an entrepreneur. You are the passionate advocate for your business. Go ahead and do that thing.

3. Vibe Your Workspace

Girl, you know that working in a cluttered space with all those notes and papers and unopened mail lying around is not a productive vibe. Clear the clutter. Decorate your space. Buy a candle that smells good and put on some music when you go to work. Make your workspace an environment you look forward to going to. Make it vibe!

4. Minimize The Clutter

Don't only declutter your workspace, but minimize and declutter your computer and online spaces. Delete those extra profiles, email accounts and platforms  that don't serve you anymore. Delete old files. Turn off unimportant notifications that are always popping up. Make inside your computer an inviting clear space. You spend a lot of your time in there. Clean it up! 

5. Reward Yourself For Milestones

Everyone else is doing it! If the college student that graduates and lands a big corporate job gets that bomb party, why not you too. Set milestones and goals for yourself that have a reward attached to each. Maybe a trip to Hawaii when you reach $30k per month. Make some short rewards too, like going out with the girls when you reach 100 sells per month. you deserve recognition and rewards. You are your own boss, so go ahead and reward yourself. 

When I was creating my business, it would get drab. It felt like too many tasks especially with the distraction of the little kiddos climbing up over my head while I worked on my computer. #FoodInMyHair. But seriously, it was too much. I had to go in and pick out what was working and end or unsubscribe to everything that wasn't. This cleared up those overfilled files in my head and helped me get focused. It made it fun and exciting again. 

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