Etsy Product Selling on Pinterest

Etsy Product Selling on Pinterest

Etsy Product Selling on Pinterest

Your Etsy shop ranking in the Pinterest algorithm is the most important thing for your successful selling on Etsy. It's all about consistency in the listing tags, categories and boards. And let's not forget matching descriptions and Titles.  I love making the products, photographing and posting about them. But getting the listing right is the most important piece of the puzzle for big sells.  I put together this checklist to use when I post my own products. I am sharing it with you.

Etsy and Pinterest SEO Tips

Etsy and Pinterest have published best practices tips. With so many competitors on Etsy, you have got to follow their rules for your listings and shops if you want to get ahead. They are simple to follow. We have combined them into the free checklist below.

Download it now, or email it to yourself. 


    Etsy Selling on Pinterest

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