How To Stay Home With Your Kids

How To Stay Home With Your Kids

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In this economy, it is becoming harder to figure out how to stay home with your kids. There are thousands of moms working a job who would rather be home raising their own babies and kids. I get it. I was one of those moms. Working as many hours as I could to make ends meet and still barely getting by. My husband and I knew that we needed to make more money without having to work more overtime. This is when we decided to start our own businesses. I felt like I did not have any energy or sparkle left for my kids at the end of a long day.

How To Stay At Home With Your Kids

Now I am a ‘mompreneur’. My daughters and I started an online business that replaced my income. I now work for myself and prosper. It wasn’t easy at first. I wish someone had told me the tricks to online income. It took us 3 years of learning what not to do before we found the best way to run a profitable website and help others more affectively. Now I’m sharing all of the tips and tricks on how to do that with you.

Women Supporting Women

The best way to get the most helpful info on making your own at-home income is by learning from other moms who have done the same thing. This is now my passion. I want to help support women like you by teaching you the path I spent years learning. But in a much faster way. I figure that if I save you years of a learning curve, I am helping you learn how to stay at home with your kids a lot faster.

Also, if you are struggling with what you would want to do, check out my Brainstorming Your Online Business episode. It will walk you through the process of decision. And if you have kids at home, be sure to check out my tips for working at home.

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“Okay, I’ll get right to the video about how to be a stay-at-home mom and stay home with your kids. But first, I wanted to apologize when I recorded this, I was in front of a window and there were cars driving by so kind of goes light and dark as shadows come by. Sorry about that. Let’s get right to the video. Hey, I’m Barbara Boss. I am the mother of eight beautiful children and the wife of a great guy follower of Jesus doing my best for that, and the online business owner, and I was able to quit my day job and be a stay-at-home mom, make a pretty decent income. Now I’m just super passionate about showing other moms how to do exactly what I’ve done.

I’m going to give you a little bit of direction about how to find what you would be passionate about doing online to make some money. And unless and if you already know that I have some tools to help you get that started. Then kind of help you build an online income, using your passion and be able to stay home with those cuties, make some extra income, even prosper a little, and serve others. Those are the things that I was able to do. I wanted to share that with you.

My Story

First of all, let me tell you a little bit about my story. I was working for my brother developing properties, and I was paid hourly. Now, this was right about the time of the big mortgage housing crash, and my husband was in mortgages. So things didn’t go so well. I was actually at that time I was nursing my seventh child, my husband, I both decided, hey, we want a big family, it was going well, he was making good money. And then all of a sudden, everything kind of went south for us. But we were able to work through that. During this time, I had to get a certain amount of hours in just to make bills, just to help put food on the table. I would be exhausted, I’d work until about five each day. And then oh my gosh, crawl into the kitchen and start dinner.

No energy left for the kids, no sparkle left in me. And let alone some energy and some sparkle just to work on my relationship with my husband. I just kind of felt like all of that work sitting there and working that long was a big energy suck. I knew that I wanted something better than that. If I wanted a few extra 100 bucks to go do something fun with the kids, I would have to crunch a bunch more hours and have all this guilt for not being there for them. But I’m trying to earn extra money so that I can take you to swim in a pool and a hotel or something.

The Difference

I just decided this is no life. For me. This is not prospering. And I know that you know God has it in mind that we live and be prosperous as best we can. I thought there’s got to be a better way. There was no chilling around with my husband and just hanging out with the kids and watching the movie with them in the evening. Like if you’re a working mom, even a stay-at-home mom, you could relate to this. But about five o’clock, I would get done working. I would have to start the laundry, make dinner, do homework, start cleaning the house, which would take the rest of the evening to do and like from the time I got off work until the time I went to bed.

It was like this dead race to get everything done. And then try and squeeze in a little time at the end to read a bedtime story for the kids. But like I’m sitting there, completely dead, like not even really there for them. So I felt really bad. Feeling like I was in over my head. I was totally overwhelmed. I knew that I had to do something better than hourly work, I needed to be able to set something up that could make some money, whether I was sitting at a desk or not.

We Did It!

That’s when we decided to start an online business. And we thought it’s great, it’s a beautiful model. You can work your own hours, you can do it right from home. I say we because it was me and my older daughters, they were interested in starting something.

We started this website called smarty pants where moms can print and do glue and paste activities with their kids. Because that was one thing I wish that had when I was working because I was so exhausted, I didn’t have time to go come up with a craft. If I wanted to spend a little time for them I’m like, can I just print something, let them color it and cut it out and paste it together. So we made a bunch of little downloadable things like that. We thought we’d make money off the advertising. Ooh, I was so naïve that that is not the way to make a prosperous online income.

What Did Work

After that, during this time also a couple of my kids had learning disabilities. I had a son with dyslexia and another daughter that was ADHD. And late at night after I would put the kids to bed, I would study ways of helping them. And I actually found some really cool neurological exercises that like help them on a cognitive level. They were easy enough to do at home and I thought this is awesome. I saw it improving, helping my son and daughter and so I thought I’ve got to share this with the world.

In the pattern of trying to lift others up, you lift yourself up, we started publishing on this, and we did a big shift to and, we started those two websites, and started sharing what we learned and how it had helped us. And those did turn profitable, I was able to quit my day job. And we have a few 1000 followers on Facebook and 5000 email subscribers. It’s a dream because I get to publish stuff that I’m passionate about, that helps people. And we also get to make an income. So that was pretty cool.

My Newest Venture

Now I’m starting Girl Create It because we were able to find a pattern that worked really well, we failed on the first website, we don’t want you guys to have to waste time doing that, we found a pattern of how you can offer information, or help people out in a way that they connect with you. If they connect with you, they’ll be interested in buying your products. And this way, they can kind of get to know you before they know if they want to buy your course or whatever product you end up offering, whether it’s a physical product or information. But we kind of found a pattern that works to help people get to know you enough that they feel confident enough to buy from you. And they know if they connect with you and your personality. So we wanted to share that.

We started or I wanted to share that and just be able to help other moms do what I’ve done. So we started girl created. And there if you want, if you’re interested there is brainstorming your business. That will help you if you’re not quite sure what your passion is. If you’re kind of not sure if you want to sell a physical product or like be a blogger or coach or whatever, then go check that out. It takes you through a series of questions that kind of really helps open up your mind as to what you might love to do and what you might be passionate about doing. And if you kind of already know and you’re like, yeah, I’ve been wanting to do this thing online forever.

Free Training

I just need the pattern as to how that could make it profitable for me, then check out our free course that is creating prosperity. And both of those are on our The first one is the brainstorming, is one of the first episodes of our blogs. You can back up to some of our past episodes, and then the courses just under the course tab. They will aid you in how to stay home with your kids.

I’ll link to both of those below. But go check these things out. They’re both free resources. And there’s a bunch of other resources on our blog about like, how to manage your home and your kids, and even your marriage so that it makes time for this and you can still have rich relationships with them and make a little extra time for yourself to work on this. Because at first, you’re kind of working two things. I remember thinking, like, I’m exhausted, I can’t do more. But once I started thinking, you know, if I got this organized, did less of this did that it would free up some time that I could start this business that would eventually phase out my daytime job. And it did and it worked. So I want to share that with you guys. Click over and check that out and check out my resources. So good luck. You can do this. If I can do it. You can do it!”

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