Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas

Lesson 1 Brainstorming Your Online Business (Episode 1)

Hey, girl. If your ready get some online business ideas for yourself. You are in the right place. This video is for you. It will help you brainstorm and bring out your best ideas for an online business and vet it. It will walk you through some tools and research that will help you determine if your online business idea is viable and profitable. This is a two part lesson.

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Online Business Ideas

Brainstorming your business first can give you some great online business ideas that fit you. I should know. My first website took me two years of hard work before I realized it wouldn't go anywhere. I'm going to save you time and money with what I learned on my journey.

Lesson 2 Brainstorming Your Online Business (Episode 2)

Once you have chosen an online business idea that suits you, be sure to learn about sales funnels that really work.

Video Transcripts

Hey, everybody, I'm excited to get started. So, this is our first video talking about brainstorming and what kinds of ideas you can come up with that might be your passion to do online and eventually turn into an income. So, I'm kind of excited to dig into this. If you don't have this download yet, go to the link underneath this video, and join our email and as a thank you, this will come to your email box within just a few minutes. Go get that if you don't have it already. And come back and watch this video. And I'll tell you how we're going to fill it in.

This is going to be kind of fun. Today is kind of like your right brain activity, dreaming planning, the world is your oyster. What do you want to do if you could choose something to do the rest of your life instead of the job you're doing? And you could do it on your own time and without a bunch of pressure, and you could do it on weekends or at the beach, or whenever you want. What would this be? What would it look like? This is kind of a goal-setting at the same time because you kind of want to decide what would I really enjoy sharing with people and actually look forward to doing. When I started my website, I was so passionate about it, I was like bingeing on making it. I would like to get my other chores done so that I could run back and work on my cool website and building followers and things like that. It was actually a really fun activity, and it became profitable. Now I don't have to work my hourly job anymore. And that's kind of what I want to help other moms do. Like this can really happen easy. I had no coding experience. I didn't have any followers at the time. And my daughter did it with me, we kind of work together on it. She was in charge of social media, which I was super thankful for. I learned social media now, but I hadn't at the time. We kind of built it together. And then together, we made a course that was super helpful for people that's changed their lives. We've gotten emails back, people thanking us for the information that we put out and it feels so good. This is going to be fun. So, let's get into this.

On the first page, under search term, just start writing one thing in each of these boxes. Leave these other boxes empty for now. Just one term and don't pay attention to search term. I'll make you understand why we're doing that later. But right now, just answer the question with one word or a couple words. And number one, it's almost like the kind of word you would look up in Google if you wanted to learn more about it. What is your passion? Like are you passionate about how to groom kitties or something like that? What is your passion? What are you passionate about? What do you love to do? And you might have more than one, and if so, you can fill them in below. But this area is going to be mostly for related terms. Don't fill in too many, because you're going to get more ideas as we do this research.

The next, what is your superpower? It might not be what you are super passionate about but it might be something you are really good at. And you know that other people think you're really good at this. Everybody's got something like that. Just think about it, kind of think about maybe what other people have complimented you on.  We actually have one like that a little bit further down. But really think about it and think how this could be something that other people might want to learn from you. The next one down, kind of along the same line. What do you know, the others might like to know? There might be something that you got all passionate about and studied, and you share it with moms at the park, and you know it and they don't and they're super thankful when you give that kind of information. The way I see it, women were made social so that they could be better at raising their kids and being great wives or girlfriends or whatever, the case may be. Because we learn from each other. We sit at the park or we sit at coffee, talk, and learn from each other. And we're like, oh, that's a great idea. I never would have thought about that. And then another girl will pipe up and be like, yeah, I was interested in that I actually researched it, and here's what I know. And it's super helpful. And so, go into this almost like, I'm just going to share this with a group of my girlfriends, and what would they like to know.

The next one is what is something you and your family could benefit by learning more about? And this is where mine came into play. I had a dyslexic child and one with ADHD and I needed help with them. Therefore, I studied and studied there wasn't much online I continued to study until I finally found something that really worked. And it worked for my son with his dyslexia, it worked for my daughter with her ADHD. And it was basically brain exercises in a neural plasticity kind of way, which means rerouting, rewiring, or strengthening connections in the brain. And because those were both brain-based problems, it helped so much. And I was so passionate about it after that, I was like, I've got to share this with the world. I actually already had a little website giving out free crafts and stuff like that. And I was like, I'm changing it all. And I talked to my daughter about it and she was like, yeah, that sounds like a good idea let's give this information out. And I felt so good sharing this information with people, and you get a lot of content out for free, you want to be helpful, you want to give more content out than you charge for, but you know, girls got to eat. Therefore, in the end, eventually, there will be higher levels of information and stuff like that, that you're gonna want to charge for. And I kind of focus on information-based companies, just because if you make that PDF once, or you make that course, once, you can sell it over and over again without having to create it. If you have a physical product, like let's say, you're really good at crocheting, and you make some really beautiful baby blankets, once you sell it, you're gonna have to make it again, to be able to sell it again, right?

I kind of focus on brain-based activities, or not brain-based activities, excuse me, but information that you can sell online, just because once you make it, you have unlimited inventory. And that's kind of my wheelhouse. That's how I know to market. We will talk a little bit about physical products because I think some of you make some really cool products. I've seen them on Etsy, Pinterest, and they are worth sharing. We will talk a little bit about that, too. But what could someone else benefit by, that you want to learn more about? And in that case, to me, it was dyslexia and ADHD and some of those developmental disabilities. And I got to learn as I shared this information with people and eventually build a course on exactly how to do it and the exercises that go with it. And it was just super rewarding.

Another one, what kind of personal journey would you like to take? People love watching women as they take a journey, maybe it's weight loss. You know, as a woman goes from maybe 230 pounds down to 140, they love following that journey, or maybe a journey of healthy eating. People just really like to watch that journey and you can get a lot of followership on Insta and things like that, where people click in and watch to see where you're at today, or what you did today. And some of those things like maybe you can't monetize those at first, they're just following your personal journey. But once you've done that journey, and you're a few months into it, and it's something that you're being successful about, well, now you can sell them information about how to do that, and help them. Give tons of information free but because you would like this to eventually be your stay at home job. This is really important because some people feel like, well, I would feel bad about selling this information. They're following me because they love me and they love what I'm doing. I don't want to turn around and charge them some money for it. But the truth is, if you can make a living doing this, you can do a lot more of it. In the beginning, I was still working my job and doing like my dyslexia and learning disabilities website on the side. I wasn't able to give out as much free content and research as much because hey, I was working all day long for an hourly paying job. Therfore, the sooner you can have that take over your hourly paying job, the sooner you can serve these people better. And you will have to charge a little bit for it. But it's rewarding and it ends up being better for people in the long run because the information that you share, blesses them more, so it's worth it. What kind of journey would you like to take? What would you like people to follow you and watch you do? Come up with some ideas, just something that maybe you've been thinking about doing anyway, and you need to learn a little bit more about it and dig into it. Maybe it's metabolism if you're doing like a weight loss journey, or maybe if you want to go on a journey to become vegan, then you can start studying into that and cool recipes. Check that out.

Another one, what would you like to share that aligns with your life path?  I know of a girl who got really passionate, she had seen a whole bunch of plastic on the beaches, and it was killing the animals and she decided my life journey now is to get less disposable plastic used in the world. And she is actually making a difference. She is now making 10s of thousands of dollars by creating challenges and providing information on how to change your life over to not use disposable plastic. Instead of Ziploc bags to take your lunch to work in, you use a reusable container that you can wash and use again the next day. She taught them to not use straws, to not buy their water in plastic containers at the store but always keep a glass jug with them, so that they can just refill it. And like, because all of these people are passionate about it, too and they're following her, it's actually making a difference in the world. She's got thousands of followers now who are not creating waste plastic. So, it's really cool. Think about what kind of aligns with your life path and what you would like to do.

Now, the next one is funner. What would be fun to you? What would delight you? What would you love to just sit down and spend time on? Are you a painter? I know a really cool YouTube channel where you can order their templates and then they walk you through doing a water paint, teaching people to paint with a little printable template of the outlines and then they paint with watercolors on it and it's so fun. And they're making good money doing that. What is fun to you? What would just bring you joy to work on every day? The next one. What have you had to dig hard to learn credible information on? There's got to be something that you were online and you started looking, you're like, you know what, I don't even know if that's true. There's no references. And these people, they're saying this, but who knows if it's true, and you had to dig deeper and deeper and maybe even go to the library to find it. That's an underserved market. That is a really good place to start. If you want to provide information to people start learning it yourself, start digging into it say yeah, I remember I looked for that online and I couldn't find good information on it. I definitely need to list that down here.

The next one, what have you made yourself because you couldn't find it right online? And maybe you got on and did it on word because it was something you needed to print and take with you. Or maybe it was a physical product. Like one thing I could not find online, I wanted a little magnet that said do not dry or check the stain that I could stick to my washer or dryer when I threw a batch in that had something that could not be dried, because we have teenagers and you know, other adults and things that might come and change your batch, the other adult is my husband but; so you throw that on and then they know that hh, there's something in here that can't be dried so I better check with mom and get that out before I throw it in the dryer or there's something in here that we need to see if the stain came out. I couldn't find that anywhere online. It's just little things like that. And I was like, okay, so I'll use a sticky pad or something. But I wish I could have just hopped on Etsy and bought something cute like that. Furthermore, think about something that you had to make yourself because you couldn't find it.

This last one, what do you feel like people admire you for? When you're chatting with your girlfriends have, they said like, oh my gosh, you're so good at this, oh, this is such good information. Oh, thank you so much. And maybe that kind of goes along with something you have already researched and learned that we talked about, maybe not. Sometimes it might just be that you are super good at giving really good third-party advice, outside of the box looking in and you give this information they're super thankful because they never saw it from that perspective before. Think about that. What do you feel like people admire you for what do people compliment you about? Is your house always super organized and you think well, yeah, Marie Kondo she's already got, you know, the corner on that, no, you can get people that follow you because they like you and they like your style. Think of anything, are you a minimalist, and you want to teach people how to live lighter and a simpler life? I'm actually all about that, the more simple you live, and the less stuff you have around your house, the more time you have. Like, the more clutter you have, and the more toys your kids have, the less time you have to just be yourself. We're actually going to go into that a little bit because it's going to help you guys make more time for yourself to be able to work on your business a little bit. This is really exciting. When I get back in a second, go ahead and pause the video. Think about this for a while, fill in that top line of each one of those. And then I'll come back and tell you what to do next. But make it fun, make it creative. The world is your oyster, you know shoot for the stars and you're going to at least get the moon. Do that and I'll be back in a second.

Okay, welcome back. By now you would have the first spots filled in of each one of those questions right. Let's say that the very top one you filled in was succulents under the search term. The very first thing you're going to do now is you're going to click over to Google and put in, well, let's say it was succulent care because that one's a little more. niched down. They say the riches are in the niches so don't go for really broad terms go for more narrow terms. Let's go put in succulent care, okay. And once you enter, scroll down to the bottom, it's going to give you some other really cool ideas; succulent care outdoors, opposite of that succulent care indoors. You could niche down even further, right, so instead of just succulent care, specifically succulent care outdoors; and if it's outdoors, you could niche down even further into your environment. What part of the world are you in? Is this succulent care in California, would be very different outdoors than say succulent care in Utah, because Utah get snow and California doesn't. And you have to find a way to keep those going through the winter without them freezing too much.

It's really important that you niche down as far as you can. But you're going to come up with a few related terms to the thing in that very first box. You're going to look at the bottom here. I love succulent care outdoors because it's very specific. And you could actually end up maybe selling a little eBook or something. In the beginning, just give tons of free information, help people out. I found that online, the more you help people out truly with your heart, you just want to make a difference and help them out, the better your business becomes whether you even try because you're helping people and you just put it out there and those blessings seem to come back. So, succulent care outdoors is awesome. Succulent care for beginners. I love that one because that one would be a really cool, you know, you could give them some free videos or something just how to begin caring for succulents. You might say, oh, I know all about succulents is this something people really have to look up? It is. I kill my succulents. I try not to but that's why I thought succulent care would be a good one to look up. How to water succulents, that's something you could do a whole little download of how to water them, when they're inside, how to water them when they're outside. How often? What times of year? Do you water them differently in the summer than you do in the winter? Obviously, even if they're indoor because of the different amounts of light, like do you try and keep up some kind of a cycle? I don't know. But it gives you a really good idea. Types of succulents, fuzzy succulent care, that's super niche down because a lot of people might put information out there about succulents, but specifically fuzzy succulent care, or fuzzy succulent care outdoors in California, like the more niche you get the better. We're going to pop back over and fill those in.

Okay, so we've got those filled in. Perfect. Next, we're looking at count. Now, this is going to be the count of how many people are looking for this online. Because sometimes you get niche down really small and there's only five people looking for that a month, not something you would get very many followers from if there's not very many people looking for it. Also, not something that would be eventually profitable enough to replace your income if there's only five people a month that want them what percentage would end up really clicking over to your website. So, we're going to go over, and I actually love Google keywords. Excuse me Google ads, and then you click up here on the toolbar and choose Keyword Planner. Now this works if you have a Google Ads account, and you can set one up really cheap, you just click through answer their little questions. I think you have to buy at least a $5 or $10 ad or something to establish your account. And then you can use this tool. I'll show you some free ones too. But it's called the keyword planner. And it's really cool because we can go in here and say succulent. Am I spelling that right? While we're about find out. The nice thing about Google is they'll figure it out if you're not.

Here we go. The very top which was the keyword that you provided was succulent care. There are between 10,000 the K stands for 1000, I'm sure most of you already know that 10,000 to 100,000 people a month looking for that. On average. Your competition is low. This with them, this is the competition of how many other people are buying ads in this space. You may eventually want to buy ads, you might be able to just get enough visitors and people following you, just through social media and things like that. And so, you may never buy ads. But it's good to know what your competition is before you ever start. And then this column over here is the top bid ranges only. Or top of page bid is .04, so four cents, to get to the top of the page, sometimes at the low end. And then over here is the high end, some people will pay as much as 18 cents to get there out of the top. And I'll show you what that means in a second here.

Over here on succulent care, these ones with, let's see if I can find one here. I'm actually not seeing any that are ads, which is awesome. Let's look up something else that people might pay for ads for just so that I can show you. See how it says Ad here in this part? Those are actually advertisements that people have paid for. And then underneath that, where it does not say ad, those are just organic, those are not advertisements. When it's talking about ads on the front top of page on Google, that is what it's talking about. And that's what these prices are, four cents for the low end, 18 cents for the high end if you're looking for succulent care.

Let's go back to looking at some of those other search terms such as watering succulents. Watering succulents between 1000 and 10,000 a month, your competition's a little bit stiffer here it's medium instead of low. I love finding things in the low competition. But you'll still can pay as low as four cents to get to the top of the page. But if there's a lot of other people, like let's say they're doing it on a weekend, and you have more people trying to get that space, on a weekend or in the spring or something like that, you might pay as high as 33 cents. You may never buy ads. I have some and the truth is we do way better advertising on Facebook, which will eventually be something that I'll teach you guys about. But it really gives you an idea as to how many people are looking to put information out there about that. And don't be completely afraid of competition, because that proves that there's a market for it. Nobody would do it if there wasn't somewhat of a market for it. Competition is okay. And you'll find your own people that will love you and follow you over the other person, just because they like your personality, or they like your style. Don't be afraid if there is some competition. Go back here, and you fill these in, you fill out the count and the competition. And then I want you to do this for every term that you wrote down. Go look on Google, scroll down to the bottom of the page that shows some of the more popular search terms, and put that in, and then go over to oh, I was going to show you if you do not want to set up a Google Ads account. You can also just go into Google and search keyword search tools right there. And SEMrush is really cool and you can use them. They have a try it free for seven days, you have to put a credit card in because they plan to build your account after seven days. But I set my phone to remind me at six days and turn it off. That's if you don't want to pay for their fee. And I don't ever need to pay for their fee, because I have that Google account setup, it cost me like a $10 ad the very first time, and then I've had the account ever since and I can go look in those tools whenever I want. But SEMrush is a good one. A lot of people use it and they feel like it's more accurate than Google but it's kind of pricey. Notice these are all ads here. And then if you keep scrolling down, you can get to the ones that are not ads and it doesn't matter which ones they buy ads because they really do provide good keyword information. But if we're talking about kind of bootstrapping this in the beginning, then you're going to for sure want to use something less expensive or free.

You can go in here, succulent care, right? You're going to learn if you follow me, I'm terrible at spelling. His is really cool. This you can go in and it gives you succulent care the volume, monthly volume and you can click this little eye and it will tell you the average number of searches per month over the past 12 months. Succulent care, 10,000 searches, and the competition is super low. With that, the competition like Amazon is like a 97, succulent care is a seven. I think it's a range from one I've played with this, it seems like a range between zero and 100, 100 being the very highest, and zero being the lowest. As you can see, this would be a super low on the competition. But with there's, it's not how many people are looking to buy ads, it's how many are organically out there. That means just other websites that pop up without paying for them that pop up when you go Google for it. This is called organic traffic. And that just means people searching on Google for something. And this is what pops up with nobody paying for it, no ads and still, the competition is super low here.

So hey, somebody go do succulent care. You can go take this number, and go fill it in. By the way, I recommend you print this, don't try and fill it in on your computer, it's way easier to just print and do it, you want to do it with a pencil because you'll find better ideas and other keywords that are better. And you're like, I want to replace this one with that so, I'm going to erase that and add that in and then go look up the counts. Do that and do this for each search term you did okay. And when I get back together on my next video, we're going to go down and start talking about trends and possible future products. You don't need to make money off of it right now. I'm sure you're thinking no, I would love that. But first, you need to get your feet under you, you need to give some free content out, you need to start building some followers, and be super genuine online. Don't ever offer information on something you don't really know about and be ethical. I try to live a Christ-based life. And so, I feel like if you're deceiving someone online, you're deceiving, possibly hundreds or thousands. Don't be deceitful. be as honest as you can be. Give out the most accurate, newest information that you can find on whatever you go into. It's really important.

But on my next video, we're going to go into trends and products. And then some other ways to look up some cool additional keywords and products, once you start to narrow down what you want to do. We're doing this exercise today just to come up with a whole bunch of ideas. And then you're going to start narrowing them down and say well, I like this one but it looks like the competition super high. Like some competition is great but you don't want a ton of competition. Like I'm going to make coloring books. Well, that's awesome. But there is so much competition in there, you're going to be on page 97 of Google forever. We're actually going to go look at those kinds of things and find things that it's okay if it has some competition. You want some good monthly searches, they say, you know, like maybe at least 3 to 5000 searches a month, if you want to be profitable. I like even going a little bit higher than that on this count, right here. As you fill that in start to think about it and start to kind of narrow it down, which ones of these things what I really like, and then we'll narrow it down even further on Part Two or lesson two. I will see you then.

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