Pinterest Changes Affecting 2022

Pinterest Changes Affecting 2022

Today I learned the Pinterest Changes Affecting 2022 by attended Pinterest’s Creative Festival. Ben Silberman announced the new changes that will be affecting us the end of this year and 2022. It is important to stay up to date on any new changes or best practices that are announced. They will affect the Pinterest algorithm that decides how your pins and ads get views and reach. This is why I read everything Pinterest puts out. Be sure to join my email to get any new updates as they come out.

Pinterest Changes Affecting 2022

Pinterest Creator Rewards

Pinterest will put out regular calls for fresh content. Anyone who meets their editorial and engagement requirements will get paid. And I don’t just mean in credits or advertising dollars. Real Mula. For an example of what the calls will look like, you can read more about Pinterest Creator Rewards.

Pinterest Product Tagging On Idea Pins

Their other announcement is the long awaited for product tagging on their idea pins. This rocks! You can tag your own products, others products, or affiliate links. They also provide a space for your affiliate disclosure. A visual of what they look like is part way down this page: Product Tags on Idea Pins.

Pinterest Creator Hub

They will also be rolling out a new Creator Hub for pinners on your profile page. This will give you access to the most important Pinterest tools all in one place. Plan content, analyze your performance and take advantage of their new monetization opportunities. Check out what it is going to look like part way down this page: Pinterest Creator Hub.

You can watch the Youtube of Pinterest Creators Festival 2021 in it’s entirety.

Idea Pins

They are still pushing their idea pins. They put them at the top of feeds, top of profiles, and the top of search results. If you are not doing idea pins, you need to start. Most of us were hesitant to use idea pins because they do not link. However, Pinterest has been blessing the accounts that use idea pins with extra reach. These users have reported much higher views and a big growth in followers. They are getting more interaction across their entire account, not just on the idea pins. If you want Pinterest to take you serious, I suggest at least one idea pin per week.

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Stay up to date on all Pinterest changes affecting 2022 to keep good with Pinterest. It is their playground. We are just guests at their party. We need to play by their rules and best practices.



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