Pinterest For Small Business

Pinterest For Small Business

New changes announced by Pinterest for small business. On October 27, 2020 Pinterest announced new changes to help you as a business and entrepreneur sell, upsell and track sells easier. This is part of their plans to attract more businesses to use their platform. What doew this mean for you? Well grab a cup of coffee and sit back. I will go over each change and how that might increase your revenue.

Pinterest Storefront Profile and Discovery

They updated how your profile can look and function. You can now categorize your products, feature product groups and create recommendations.

They added a feature to help shops get discovered more. When a shopper is looking for a product, the pin results page will now show some shops as well as pins. This puts more eyes on your storefront.

Pin Products In Your Own Photos

They have added the ability to pin products on your own lifestyle photos. This allows you to do beautiful images of ensembles with a link to your product pins. I really love this idea. It creates a more beautiful look and feel to your shop. It makes accessing your products much easier for the shopper.

Pinterest For Small Business

Easier Catalog Feed

Pinterest developers have also streamlined the process to import your products and specials from your website and catalogs. This makes product upload a breeze. A new scheduling tool allows you to upload your products ahead of launch and schedule when they become active.

Automatic Bidding for Ads

The last change that excites me the most is the ad strategy for bidding. You will now have the ability to set automatic bids to maximize the aim for maximum number of results. No more guesswork.

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