Pinterest Popularity

Pinterest Popularity

Pinterest popularity is one of the biggest mysteries for users. And yet, it is the most important piece to marketing your products or blog on Pinterest. We are not talking about the number of followers, we're talking about getting Pinterest's algorithm to show your pins to thousands. I have a few tips. 

Don't worry about your number of followers. A large inactive audience from years ago can actually hurt your reach. I start a new profile once in a while. Why? because someone that was interested in what I offered a year ago may not be interested still. Their interests have changed, or maybe they got what they needed from me and have moved onto something else. The point here is they may not interact with any of my pins anymore.

One thing you must know to become popular on is this. Pinterest will show a new pin to some of your followers first to see what percentage of your followers interact before deciding how many new feeds to put it in. Pins that get a lot of interaction at first will be given a higher circulation to new pinners. You definitely want very fresh active followers. 

Does this mean you need to go start a new profile after building yours for many years? No. The decision will partly depend on what you offer. For example, my niche is product selling online. Followers from years ago may not even have a product to sell online anymore. They may have found a great career and have no desire to do that anymore. This would make them a poor follower for me and hurt my reach. However, if your niche is something that people usually stay interested in, such as gardening, they may become active again in the spring. This would be worth keeping. This is why most pinners keep their same profile forever. And Pinterest will eventually stop showing pins to followers who are not interacting. It is their wise solution to inactive followers. It is my preference to keep my following small and tight. If you like the social proof of a large following, keep it going. And work on pins that help to re-engage followers.

If you do decide to start a new following, don't close the old one right away. Migrate the active followers to your new profile first. Post pins or send out emails that will get them to engage with your new profile first.

Here is the big key now for Pinterest Popularity. Focus on engagement with pins and monthly views. This is where the real traffic happens. Getting high performing pins does more for your brand than your number of followers. Pinterest will also show your pins to people who have interacted with your pins in the past, even if they did not follow you.


 Find out which of you pins are performing best and make more like them. See which boards are doing best and post more pins to them. Constantly watch your analytics to see what is trending in your own profile. You will have access to your analytics if you set up your profile for business. If you need help changing to a business account and profile, be sure to check out our Pinterest Course. It will walk you through it and much more. And if you could use more tips on making your online business profitable, check out our Creating Prosperity Online training. Ta ta for now!


Pinterest Popularity Tips 


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