3 Things I Wish I Knew About Etsy When I Started

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3 Things That Make Etsy Shops A Success

You can have a successful Etsy shop. But, it doesn't happen automatically. If I could go back and teach my younger self how to fast track my success, it would be what I teach in this 20 minute video about the 3 Things You Must Do For Etsy Success.

There are so many people selling on Etsy, your products may not get seen in the sea of shops and listings.

Trust me. You don't want what I first had. I put my first products on Etsy and then..........crickets, notta, nothing. So I paid to promote my listings and then............ fewer sales than the ads cost me. I was so frustrated.

I dug into what makes the successful shops a success. I share it all here in the video.