Creating Prosperity With Handmade Product + More

Presenter- Barbara Boss

Enjoy my training on creating prosperity online by selling your handmade products. You can do this without working your finger to the bone making product. You can add ‘How To’ downloads or coaching to your handmade product offers to 10x your income with each sell. My name is Barbara Boss and these concepts worked for my family. I was able to quit my day job and work for myself. Now our websites make money if I show up to my desk or not. I sincerely hope this gives you the information you need to create prosperity for yourself and the freedom that comes with residual online income. Lets make you some money ‘Like A Boss’.

After you see this training, if you want to dive deeper into what you have learned here today, we invite you to join our course. It is a series of training videos you can do on your own time. No homework to hand in or tests to take. Just simple systems and information that I use myself to create an online income. If I can do it. You can do it.

Pinterest Like A Boss Course Bundle

The Full Course Bundle Includes:

Pinterest Like A Boss: Everything you need to know to make Pinterest work miracles for your.

Email Automation: How to collect emails, embed the forms, use tagging and auto send emails to nurture your followers.

Pinterest Automation with Tailwind: We share our favorite platform for creating and scheduling pins on Pinterest. We walk you through exactly how we use it to increase our traffic and conversions.

The Manual: The course slides and information in PDF.

Pinterest can drive crazy amounts of traffic and sales to your products. But, there is an art to doing it right. This course can save you time and money building your own online brand. Learn the tricks of the trade that we have been using for over ten years to grow multiple businesses.