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Pinterest Planner For Etsy Shop Owners

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See what a difference you can make in Pinterest traffic to your Etsy shop. Use our Pinterest planner in everything from planning your next product launch on Etsy, to planning your Pinterest marketing and strategy. Increase your Pinterest views and Etsy sales.



PERFECT FOR: Handmade product sellers who want to increase their traffic to their Etsy shop by using Pinterest's huge audience. Pinterest is a visual search engine. If you aren't utilizing Pinterest correctly, you are missing out on potential customers. 

SAVE HOURS: I designed this planner to use myself. It saves me planning time and helped me so much, that I thought I would make it public. Learn my secrets.

WHAT CAN YOU CHANGE? Anything on every page. You can edit fonts, colors, elements, logo, boxes, headers and page size. It can all be changed with the simple click and drag format.

WHAT SIZE DOES IT COME IN? The PDF comes in a full size and can printer output to many popular planner sizes. The Editable version can be converted to any size of your choice. So it comes in pretty much any size you could want. 


1. Planner in PDF
2. Editable version of the planner.
3. 19 min. Training Video teaching use, customizing and resizing.

CANVA EDITABLE TEMPLATE: After purchase, you will receive a pdf with live links. Click the link to access your templates. If you don’t already have an account, you will be prompted to register for a free account, which is the editing software. You can remain a free customer for as long as you want to edit, create, and download your pages.

FREE VIDEO INCLUDED: You will also be given a link to watch a short 19 minute video which teaches you how I use my planner for success. Part 2 of the video teaches editing on Canva and resizing for different binder sizes. Super simple.

Reasons To Use Pinterest With Your Etsy Store

  • 88% or users report using Pinterest for Purchase Inspiration.
  • Pinterest has over 460 million monthly users. You want to tap into this.
  • Buyers are on Pinterest looking for handmade products
  • Buyers are on Pinterest looking for gifts and inspiration.
  • Buyers are on Pinterest to find unique.
  • People are on Pinterest to find something they can't get on Amazon.
  • Pinterest is the largest visual search engine. It isn't a social media.
  • You don't have to dance or post last night's dinner on it.
  • You're not expected to share your personal life on Pinterest.
  • You can post up to 15 min. videos of your products and their use.
  • You can post slide(carousel) pins to attract their eyes.
  • You can use their Idea Pins to do tutorials on your products.
  • You get loyal followers that love to see your new products, but don't need you to show up every day.
  • It is easier to grow in popularity on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is growing by 37% year over year.
  • 98% of users report trying new things they found on Pinterest.
  • On Etsy, your competitors are all on the results page of a search. On Pinterest, you can link viewers directly to your own listing pages. Not search result pages with 20 of your competitors on the same page.