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Pinterest Templates-Minimal Simplicity Vibe

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You can get this set FREE by joining our email list. This is a Minimal Pinterest Pins Digital/Downloadable Product powered by Canva templates. Give your image a professional look with this beautiful minimal vibe. Beautiful neutral colors, with an occasional splash of color. On Pinterest, image is everything. It is a visual search engine and people are there to interact and buy. Your branding and look will make all the difference with your traffic and conversions.

VIDEO PIN TEMPLATE: These can easily be edited to use as video pins. Just delete the image and click-n-drag a video clip in.

PERFECT FOR: Jewelry pins, home decor pins, clothing pins, style pins, nail art pins, makeup pins, travel pins, beauty pins and blog pins.

CAROUSEL PIN TEMPLATES You can use several pins together or duplicate them to create carousel pins.

SAVE HOURS: Creating pins can waste hours each day which you could spend building your online business. This will solve that problem for you. These are easily editable and ready for download in minutes. I love working with templates on my own profile. I can do all of my Pinterest production in a few hours per week now.

WHAT CAN YOU CHANGE: Anything on every pin. You can edit fonts, colors, elements, logo, boxes, headers. It can all be changed with the simple click and drag format.


1. 50 Pin Templates 1000 x 1500 px

2. Free video training

CANVA EDITABLE PINS: After purchase, you will receive a pdf with live links. Click the link to access your templates. If you don’t already have an account, you will be prompted to register for a free account, which is the editing software. You can remain a free customer for as long as you want to edit, create, and download pins.

FREE VIDEO INCLUDED: You will also be given a link to watch a short 12 minute video which teaches you how to edit and download for your needs. Super simple. OTHER

PLATFORMS: My training video also shows you how to easily change the templates to fit any other platform, such as Instagram, Facebook etc.